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Hello World

Hi! This is the demo and the Web Page of: Q-meleon Blog System.

By the moment it's on Beta Stage, so this page can have some bugs or other things because it will be updated sometimes 'til the non-Beta release.

It's written in PHP and some bits of JavaScript an AJAX. It uses MySQL for the database.

The current Q-meleon features are:

  • delayed posts (only delayed by date)
  • a custom css theme per post
  • a custom css theme for the index
  • antihHoygan.php filter for comments
  • filter tags for posts and comments (with kses)
  • preview posts
  • preview installed styles

The future Q-meleon 1.0 features are:

  • limit posts showed on index

The future Q-meleon 1.5 features are:

  • posts categories
  • more than one user

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